Preaching convoy to spread ‘moderation’ in South Sinai
Al Azhar mosque in Cairo, 10 March 2010/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

CAIRO: A preaching convoy will be sent to South Sinai to deliver nightly sermons at the main mosques of the governorate to spread “moderation,” undersecretary of the Endowment Ministry Ismail al-Rawy told Youm7 Wednesday.

Nine preachers will travel to South Sinai Thursday evening. Their sermons will renounce violence and “terrorism,” and also promote compassion and the “real understanding of shared destiny,” Rawy said.

Al-Azhar previously dispatched a medical convoy, aids and preachers to restive North Sinai. South Sinai hosts luxurious Red Sea resorts, while the northern part of the peninsula, which neighbors Gaza Strip, is struggling with militancy in certain areas.

Al-Azhar, Dar al-Iftaa and the Endowment Ministry have organized several convoys in different governorates in Egypt in the past two years to counter “extremist ideology.”

In January 2015 high-profile speech, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi called on Al-Azhar to launch a “religious revolution” and to reconsider “texts that have been sanctified for centuries.”

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