Beni Suef train driver ‘bears responsibility’ for accident: Railway report
A screen shot of a video about a train derailment in Beni Suef on Feb.11, 2016- YOUM7

CAIRO: The driver of a train that crashed into a concrete fence in Beni Suef, Upper Egypt, bears “full responsibility” for the accident, according to the report of a railway technical committee that investigated the case, Youm7 reported Friday.

The report was submitted to Transport Minister Saad al-Geyoushi and to the prosecution. It said the driver had exceeded the speed limit before the collision at 110 kilometer per second, while the instructed speed is eight kilometers per second.

It also said that all signals were functioning properly at the time of the accident, adding that the driver had disabled the option of the automatic train braking system.

On Feb. 11, the train derailed and the locomotive and the front coach flipped over, leaving some 71 injured; most of them were only briefly hospitalized.

Geoushi made remarks after the accident, where he revealed that restructuring the outdated railway system needs billions of pounds.

He said that a total of 760 train accidents have occurred in Egypt during the past three years. He attributed the train crashes mainly to the “improper structure of the outdated railroad crossings, lack of maintenance and lack of training courses provided to the Egyptian National Railway’s (ENR) employees.”

A lot of the train accidents occur at level crossings, many of which are informal and are not supervised.

Transport Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Ibrahim previously stated to Youm7 that the ministry decided to sign a contract with an international company to manage and operate the railway system as he believes the current one is a “failure.”

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