Smuggling of 1000 packs of cigarettes foiled in Siwa
cigarettes - AFP

CAIRO: Investigative authorities in Siwa Oasis, northwest of Egypt, seized a private car before smuggling 1000 foreign cigarette packs into the country, Youm7 reported Saturday.

The license plate showed the seized car is from Delta’s coastal governorate of Beheira.

It was reported that the confiscated packets of cigarettes were smuggled through the customs without paying the required taxes; the incident was referred to the prosecution for investigations.

In February 2015, Egypt raised sales taxes on both local and imported cigarettes by 50 percent, after a previous raise in July 2014 by up to 200 percent.

Despite high taxes, Egyptians have imported some chopped tobacco worth 645, 870 EGP within eight months in 2015, according to Youm7, which reported that Egypt’s imports of smoke paper and crude tobacco estimated at 990, 548 EGP in 2015.

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