Ivory Coast strives to replace Europe in Egyptian market
Youm7 is interviewing Ivory Coast ambassador to Cairo Eugene Allou –Allou Wednesday on Feb 17, 2016

CAIRO: The Ivory Coast is hoping to compete with Europe as trade partner with the Egyptian market, Ivory Coast ambassador to Egypt Eugene Allou–Allou said in an interview with Youm7 published Sunday.

“Cote d’Ivoire can export Egypt many goods of high quality and prices lower than the Egyptian pay for European goods; we can import many goods from Egypt instead of Europe and Asia, particularly in fields of Agriculture and Pharmacy,” Allou-Allou said Wednesday.

He added that Cairo is a “good investment opportunity” for Ivory Coast in field of the mutual trade, noting that the African Free Trade Zone project is a “vital cooperation” among African countries.

Allou-Allou also praised military cooperation between both sides, particularly in peacekeeping troops, adding that many Ivorian troops come to Egypt for military and counter-terrorism training.

Additional Reporting by Nourhan Fathy

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