Egypt welcomes truce in Syria, ongoing fight against ‘terrorists’
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CAIRO: Egypt has praised the Cessation of Hostilities in Syria, which was jointly announced by the United States and Russia, saying it is “ an important and necessary step in the interest of the Syrian people.”

“This is an important and necessary step to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, put an end to acts of violence, and to provide an environment supportive of the political process under United Nations auspices, leading to a full ceasefire agreement and the achievement of a political settlement to the Syrian crisis,” said Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid Tuesday.

He added that the coming period requires the commitment of all parties to enforce the agreement and uphold the interest of the Syrian people who have suffered 5-year old conflict. Abu Zeid also  highlighted  the importance of continuing to combat “terrorist groups” in Syria.

“The last hours witnessed intensive contacts between Egypt and the U.S. and Russian sides to coordinate the implementation of the statement on cessation of hostilities,” he continued.

Both the U.S. and Russia announced the truce late Monday in Saudi Arabia; the truce will come into force on Feb. 27.

In a statement, the Syrian government announced its acceptance of the cease-fire, noting that military operations against the Islamic State group militants will continue. A Syrian official from the government added in the statement that there will be coordination with Russia to determine the locations where the cease-fire will be applied.

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