Student remanded for anti-torture T-shirt in poor health: brother
Mahmoud Mohamed, a 20-yr old detained student during a court session to consider his remand. Photo courtesy by his brother Tariq's Facebook page.

CAIRO: A 20-yr old student known as the “T-shirt” detainee for an anti-torture t-shirt he was wearing on his arrest day two years ago, is currently suffering health deterioration over lack of adequate physical therapy needed to his leg, his brother Tariq wrote Monday on Facebook after he visited him in jail.

“Mahmoud’s health state is very bad and he has lost a lot of weight, he is barely 50 kg now,” Tariq said.

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein had surgery on the bones of his right leg prior to detention in 2014; the doctors now told him he needs another one as “there is a bone in his leg that is corroding,” Tariq quoted his young brother.

Undergoing a physical therapy twice a week is said to be not enough for Mahmoud’s case, as he needs at least five sessions per week. When Mahmoud complained to the doctors of Torah Prison that he is not improving, they scolded him for “directing them,” and denied him access to a copy of a medical report detailing his health state.

“You are a doctor, so you should consider my state and treat me as a patient, not a prisoner because your duty in life as a doctor is to treat patients in any place, in a clinic, in a hospital, in prison…You can’t treat patients based on their location,” Tariq quoted his brother’s response to the doctors.

Mahmoud has exceeded two years in prison, which was slammed by many rights activists who deemed the prolonged imprisonment a violation to the law, which stipulates maximum two years for pre-trial detention.

Mahmoud missed two years of his school after he was arrested on his way home in January 2014 wearing a T-Shirt that read “Nation Without Torture,” and a scarf with “January 25” written on it; both were counted among seized evidences against him.

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein, 19-yr old student detained for 700 days in remand- Courtesy of Amnesty

Mahmoud Mohamed Hussein, 19-yr old student detained for 700 days in remand- Courtesy of Amnesty


Mahmoud is accused of protesting, possessing explosives and disrupting public peace among other charges, which his brother Tariq labels as “lack credibility,” in a previous interview with The Cairo Post.

Mahmoud’s detention has triggered wide criticism by human rights groups as “unlawful,” demanding authorities to immediately release him.

Tariq said that he will submit a request to the National Council for Human Rights and the Doctors’ Syndicate to follow up on Mahmoud’s status.

Lack of medical care in prisons has been erupted as many cases were reportedly killed allegedly due to medical malpractice. Al-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence has spotted some 137 deaths inside detention places in 2015, where 39 of were tortured and 81 others suffered medical negligence, according to the center’s report.

Photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zaid, also known as Shawkan, is reportedly suffering lack of medical care to his Hepatitis C condition during his prolonged remand that exceed 800 days since he was detained in August 2013 while covering the Rabaa sit-in dispersal.

Shawkan’s trial has not started yet as two previous sessions were adjourned twice due to court preparations; his next session to be held on March 26.

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