PRESS RELEASE: British Ambassador-UK won’t leave Egypt stand to alone in defeating terrorism
UK ambassador John Casson - Photo from the UK official website

CAIRO: British Ambassador John Casson today attended “Planning for Growth: Egypt’s Tourism in 2016”, a conference organised by the Ministry of Tourism aimed at promoting the Egyptian tourist sector.

Casson said:

“We welcome this great initiative by the Ministry of Tourism because we have a strong mutual interest in increasing the number of tourists in Egypt. British people love Egypt, and love visiting Egypt for their holidays. Indeed, many British people are here in Egypt even today – in Hurghada, Luxor, Marsa Alam, Cairo, Alexandria.

“There remains great interest in Egypt and in Britain in the work to restart flights to Sharm El Sheikh. I know how important this is to Egypt’s tourist industry and indeed the whole economy. The world can’t leave Egypt to deal with these problems alone – to beat terrorism we have to keep Egypt’s economy strong.

“That’s why Britain, Germany, Russia and others are taking concrete steps with the Egyptian government at the highest level to make Sharm el-Sheikh airport a model for airport and aviation security.

“The Egyptian government have given us excellent commitment and professionalism in helping us do this. They understand that the number one priority of any Government is to protect its citizens. As a result we have together made great progress along this road to solving the problem, and contacts are continuing at the highest level every day, to finish the journey and restart flights as soon as possible.”

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