Policeman sentenced to death over killing 3 cousins
Hundreds of doctors protest against the police personnel's abuses against their fellows - (YOUM7/Archive)

CAIRO:  A policeman received Tuesday an initial verdict of death penalty over killing three of cousins, all brothers, in Sharqia governorate, 120 kilometers away from Cairo, Youm7 reported.

The Zagazig Criminal Court referred the case to the Grandu Mufti to obtain his advisory opinion over the death penalty. The initial verdict could be challenged by the defendant or the general prosecution per Egypt’s Criminal Code.

In September 2012, the policeman opened fire on the three brothers, aged 52, 43, and 25, when they were leaving from a mosque after performing Friday prayer, following a argument.

Another low-ranking policeman was detained Tuesday for four days pending investigations over deliberately killing his colleague due to altercation and mutual insults on the Facebook in Mediterranean Port Said governorate.

Meanwhile, a trial of a policeman accused of killing a civilian after a brawl will begin March 5 on charges of attempted murder, Youm7 quoted Tuesday a decision by Cairo Appeal Court.

During the investigations carried out by the prosecution in the past few days, the defendant confessed to having killed a pickup truck driver Mohamed Darbaka after dispute over transport fare in Cairo. Several cases of torturing to death inside prisoners were reported in the past period nationwide.

Recurrent violations committed by police personnel, particularly against the civilians, people’s anger bubbled up as many people took to streets, calling for getting their right and hold those police personnel accountable.

On a Feb. 19 statement, Interior Ministry spokesperson Abu Bakr Abdel Karim said that “any policeman who violates the law will be prosecuted. Policemen are not above the law.”

On the same day, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi called for drafting a new law or amending existing legislations to hold the police accountable for abuses.

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