Tok Tok driver arrested over killing 4-yr girl, throwing her in street
Archived picture of a traffic policeman approaching a Tok Tok, talking to a driver inside - YOUM7

CAIRO: A Tok Tok driver who reportedly killed a four-year old girl and threw her in the street in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria was arrested Tuesday, reported Youm7.

The body of an unidentified young girl was covered with a blanket on the road in El-Kolafa el-Rashideen St. with bruises and abrasions, Youm7 quoted a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

Descriptions of the victim were distributed on police stations to reveal her identity and reach her family, and also a DNA sample was taken from her.

According to the ministry statement, surveillance cameras installed in the place the girl was found helped authorities to identify the perpetrator and arrest him.

Tok Tok driver Ashraf. F. is currently being interrogated over involvement in the death incident, according to the statement.

A November 2015 state report said that 93% of Egyptian children have been exposed to violent discipline methods in 2014, according to the Egyptian Central Agency for mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS.)

The report added the children constitute 36.6 percent of the Egyptian population (currently estimated at 90 million) as of mid-2015.

“The percentage of using psychological punishment on children was 91.1% (shouting, yelling or screaming at the child)” the report added.

Meanwhile, physical punishment via shaking, hitting on hand or face represents 78.2 for male and 77.8 for girls, the report added.

In 2015, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood launched a qualitative and quantitative study to the “Violence against children in Egypt,” in Cairo, Asyut and Alexandria.

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