Worker dies, 4 sick after allegedly injected with spoiled antibiotic
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CAIRO: A worker died and four others suffered severe compications after they were injected with an allegedly spoiled antibiotic at Ghazl el-Mahalla hospital in Gharbiya governorate, north of Cairo, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

Mohamed Abdel Sattar was declared dead Wednesday after he was injected with an alternative antibiotic instead of Cefotax, while other patients who were also injected suffered similar a high fever, severe chills and convulsions.

Mahy, 9-year-old, was one of the patients who fell ill following the injection; she entered the hospital four days ago with appendix pain. Her father was told that these symptoms are “normal” because the medicine is new, as quoted by Youm7.

Another patient, Eman Atef told Youm7 that she went to the hospital suffering from pain after a cholecystectomy. After she received the antibiotic, Atef said she had high blood pressure and fainted. She claimed, as quoting doctors, that the medicine was examined and the results showed that it had spoiled.

Salah Abu Shohda said he moved his wife to another hospital after her condition did not improve.

Ali el-Nawasani, an official at the hospital, told Youm7 that the medicine the patients were injected with is an affordable antibiotic that is available at pharmacies and used as an alternative to the Cefotax drug, and claimed that the patients might be allergic to the medicine.

The Ministry of Health has not remarked on the incident so far, but samples of the drug are allegedly under examination.

In July 2015, a rehydration solution was blamed for the death of at least eight children at a hospital in Upper Egypt’s Beni Suef governorate. Dozens of children suffered similar symptoms of convulsions, continuous vomiting and fainting after they were given the rehydration solution as supportive measure to their fever.

In August 2015, thousands of oral rehydration solution sachets were reportedly seized in pharmacies in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria amid an extensive inspection campaign following Beni Suef incident.

Additional reporting by Adel Dorra and Mostafa Adel from Gharbiya

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