US churches allowing gay marriage ‘source of evil’: Congregation Council member
Pastor Salib Matta - Youm7 Archive

CAIRO: U.S. churches that allow gay marriage are the “source of evil in the world,” a member of the General Congregation Council told Youm7 Thursday.

Pastor of the Church of the Virgin in Shubra Salib Matta praised Al-Azhar Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb’s Tuesday remarks during his visit to Indonesia, where he criticized that homosexuality became a “card” in every election.

“What do [U.S. churches] have left of the Bible and how are they going to face Jesus peace be upon him?” Youm7 reported Al-Azhar Imam in Indonesia.

Pastor Matta quoted Biblical verses on homosexuality and warned against “obeying man at the expense of obeying God.”

Pope Tawadros II of Egypt also emphasized earlier in February that homosexuality “is not part of personal freedom,” according to Youm7.

Both Muslims and Christians in the most populous Arab country are largely opposed to homosexuality.

Although there is no specific law that criminalizes homosexuality, gay rights activists say there is a campaign against the LGBT community in Egypt, as homosexuals, mostly men, are sometimes charged with “debauchery.”

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