4 school bus drivers arrested over drug abuse: solidarity ministry
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CAIRO: Four school bus drivers were arrested over driving under the influence of drugs in Tanta city, located 94 km to the northwest of Cairo, the Ministry of Solidarity announced Saturday.

By examining them, the drivers tested positive to Tramadol and Hashish; they were dismissed by the school management and then referred to public prosecution for investigations.

The Ministry of Solidarity along with the Ministry of Education and Traffic Authority has begun conducting drug-test campaigns since 2014 on drivers in the streets, and at schools.

Last month, the ministry said that a total of 60,000 examiners were deployed to the General Traffic Administration to test truck drivers for drug use.

In its statement, the ministry announced that the percentage of school bus drivers testing positive to drugs has declined from 8 percent last year to 6.7 percent.

About 1,500 school bus drivers were tested in the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016, 6.6 percent of whom tested positive, head of the Anti-Addiction Fund Amr Othman previously stated.

Othman added that a total of 11,000 drivers on highways have been tested; 18.6 percent of whom tested positive.

A new phase of the screening campaign at schools, in the second semester of the academic year, will kick off on Sunday, according to the ministry statement.

In 2014, seven percent of 1,400 school bus drivers tested positive for drugs. The most commonly used drugs were hashish and Tramadol.

A 2014 crash, in which 11 students burned to death, is believed to have triggered the government’s attention to monitor road safety after an involved truck driver tested positive for hashish.

Egypt ranks among the top 10 nations for road deaths with an estimated 12,000 people killed in accidents annually, according to a 2013 World Health Organization report.

According to a report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in April 2015, an average of 17 people died per day in road accidents in Egypt in 2014.

It added that human error caused 59.2 percent of all 2014 road accidents, while 19.3 percent were caused by technical failure.

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