Trial operation of river cab kicks off soon from Maadi to Tahrir
Nile River - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The first phase of a river taxi project will operate on a trial basis from affluent district of Maadi to downtown within days; Youm7 quoted head of River Transport department Reda Ismail as saying Monday.

The phase includes four stations beginning from Maadi and ending near Tahrir Square. A passenger will pay 5 EGP ($0.63,) for every station.

The taxi will operate every day from 6:30 a.m. until 10 p.m.

The project aims to reduce Cairo’s crippling traffic and alleviate pressure on road networks by raising “usage of river transport to reach 5 percent of the total public transport in Egypt,” Transport Minister Saad el-Geoushy was quoted in December 2015.

The project was put out to tender in October 2015 after the Cabinet licensed it, and was announced to be launched in early 2016. The decision was made after consultations with the ministries of irrigation and environment.

There will be a navigational line connecting between Cairo and Damietta aiming to transport strategic items, according to Gesoushy.

The concept of a river cab was first introduced in April 2012 by Shimaa Sobhy, who presented its feasibility study proving it would reduce the traffic jam in the roads of Cairo by 10 percent, Youm7 reported in December 2014.

“It is expected to transport around a million and half passengers per year and is projected to yield 15 million EGP ($1.96 million) in profits,” said Sobhy.

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