Sharqia police shoot water cannons at wives of detained policemen
Protest of family members of seven detained low-ranking policemen

CAIRO: The police in Sharqia, the Delta, dispersed a sit-in by wives and family members of seven detained low-ranking policemen with water cannons in the early hours of Tuesday, Youm7 reported.

Some 20 persons held a sit-in Monday morning outside Sharqia Security Directorate to demand the release of their relatives, who were arrested Feb. 20 while en route to an interview in the Egyptian Media Production City on the outskirts of Cairo.

The policemen were part of wide-scale demonstrations by members of the rank “Amin Shorta” in Sharqia in August 2015 demanding improved working conditions. They were asked for an interview amid rising anger against low-ranking policemen due to their treatment of citizens.

Last year, none among striking low-ranking policemen were detained; however, the seven policemen now face charges of “incitement and creating a cell inside the Interior Ministry that threatens national security.”

The policemen denied the charges, saying the charges are “trumped up to silence them” and that they were arrested “illegally,” Youm7 reported.

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