In photos: unverified water pollution spotted in Beheira

CAIRO: An oil spill was reportedly spotted in the Nile River in Delta’s Beheira governorate; Youm7 received pictures claimed to be for the incident.

No official confirmation to the incident has been announced yet.


The pictures were sent by Mohamed el-Roweiny through Youm7’s citizen journalism service.

Roweiny claimed in his Whatsapp message to Youm7 that “strange material appeared floating on the water surface…as a result of industrial waste and sewage in the same place where fish died before.”


He called on for authorities to interfere to save the Atf village from this crisis that affects the drinking water.


Residents of the village reported that the spill appeared in the early morning and then disappeared gradually, according to Youm7.

Head of Lawyers Syndicate in Beheira, Gamal Khattab, stated statements that drinking water in the area has largely been affected due to the presence of fish farming cages.


Some previous oil leakages in the Nile have been blamed on ships. As a result of the leak, in som2201629234936930بقع-طافية-على-نهر-النيل-(1)e areas in Upper Egypt, drinking water stations were closed as a precaution to maintain drinkability of the water.

Several incidents of mass fish die-offs have been reported in Delta, and were ascribed to ammonia leaks, factory waste, sewage and shortage of oxygen due to improper immerse of fish cages in the Nile








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