Minister seeks to control overloaded trucks by raising fines
Transport Minister Saad al-Geoushy

CAIRO: Transport Minister Saad el-Geoushy announced he will levy fines against trucks that are illegally overloaded, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

For each extra ton, the violator will pay 500 EGP ($63) instead of 25 EGP ($3,) according to new regulations announced by Geoushy.

Geoushy added that the overloaded trucks contribute to cracks and deteriorations in the roads and bridges.

He said that the increased fine will force trucks to commit to the determined tonnage limits.

Increased violations by truck drivers have accompanied  the unrest in the wake of the  January 25 Revolution; officials have recorded that extra loads have reached 120 tons on bridges, although limit falls between 30-70 tons, according to spokesperson for General Authority for Roads and Bridges Abdel Aziz Abdu, in last year statements to The Cairo Post.

The authority is currently carrying out maintenance works on hundreds of bridges that need “urgent” reparations, and following a number of collapses that caused casualties among citizens.

Egypt, one of 10 states enrolled in a United Nations program that aims to halve road deaths by 2020, has been escalating measures to monitor road safety through conducting random drug-tests to drivers, build new roads and renew old ones, as the country loses thousands of lives annually due to road crashes.

Experts blamed crashes on the lack of safety measures and regular maintenance to the roads; however, officials tended to rule out road status as the reason but slammed over wacky statements.

In February, the head of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges Adel Turk told Youm7 that “the worse the road is, the less number of accidents occur,” adding that “cracked roads force drivers to reduce speed, and consequently reduces the number of crashes.”

Turk stated that “only 5 percent of the road accidents are due to the road status…accidents [in Egypt] happen due to either human error or mist.”

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