Police officer killed in no-knock raid east of Cairo

CAIRO: A senior police officer was shot dead and a corporal was injured Thursday morning during a raid targeting a house of an outlaw in Cairo’s district of Al Zaywa al Hamra, Youm7 reported.

Lieutenant Colonel Mostafa Lotfy from the investigation dept. at Shubra al Kheima police station was killed while executing a no-knock, pre-dawn raid at the house of an outlaw who killed a six policemen and two civilians in Sep. 2015, security source told Youm7.

The outlaw, who was hiding in the house of his mother-in-law, has opened fire at the police officer upon raiding the house, said the source.

The perpetrator fled the scene while security forces reinforced their presence in Al Zawya al Hamra district in search for him.

The police officer will be given a military funeral in Cairo Thursday in the afternoon, the source added.

Egypt has witnessed a significant rise in militancy since the military-backed ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 following mass protests against his rule. According to the Interior Ministry, militant attacks have killed more than 500 security personnel since then.

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