Kuwait downsizes Egyptian laborers over “demographic defect”
Egypt’s Minister of Manpower Gamal Srour

CAIRO:  Kuwaiti government announced Friday it plans to downsize the Egyptian labor over “demographic distribution concerns,” although Egypt’s Ministry of Manpower has recently announced 244 job opportunities with “profitable salaries” in Kuwait.

Kuwaiti government has received a report of demographic distribution, indicating that the number of foreign laborers, “mostly marginal” has increased, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Watan reported Friday.

“The number of Egyptian workers reached 700,000, most of whom are marginal laborers; the same matter applies to other communities. So, such employment should be evacuated from Kuwait and foreign labor offices should be controlled,” the report said, noting that human trafficking cases have been monitored among the marginal laborers.

The reported highlighted that the government’s plan aims to not increase the number of all foreign communities, noting that all foreign laborers, working for big oil and construction projects, will go back to their countries when such projects are completed.

In spite of the Kuwaiti new plan, Egyptian government said that a total of 224 job opportunities are available for Egyptian laborers in Kuwait.

Egyptian Minister of Manpower Gamal Sorour said that the new jobs include physicians, nurses, and security people, with salaries ranging from 250 to 3500 Kuwaiti dinars.

Over more than a year, the number of Egyptian expats in Kuwait increased by 200,000 people as their number in 2014 has recorded more than 500,000, according to the Egyptian State Information Service statistics.

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