Parliament investigates MP Kamal Ahmed for throwing shoes at Okasha
MP Kamal during throwing his shoes at recently-dismissed lawmaker Tawfik Okasah

CAIRO: A parliamentary committee will begin investigations with MP Kamal Ahmed over throwing his shoes at recently-dismissed lawmaker Tawfik Okasah sunday, Youm7 reported.

On Sunday, Ahmed hurled his shoes at Okasha during a parliament session to express his condemnation of the latter’s controversial meeting with Israel’s ambassador to Egypt Haim Koren.

Parliamentarian Hassan Basyouni presides over the seven-member committee tasked with the investigation.

Earlier this month, 465 lawmakers, out of 490 voted for dismissing Okasha following his the meeting.

In a talk show aired at his Al Faraeen T.V. channel Saturday, Okasha asserted he had informed intelligence services of the ambassador’s visit adding that “there is no penalty against hosting a foreign ambassador.”

Okasha won the highest number of votes among independent candidates in his electoral constituency of Talkha and Nebaroh in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Daqahlia, with over 90,000 votes. He was dismissed less than two month after the long-awaited Egyptian parliament convened in January this year.

Additional reporting by Nermen Abdel Zaher.

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