0.7% of Egyptian blood donors test positive to HIV/AIDS: official
Some of Egyptians donat their blood - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Among hundreds of Egyptians donating their blood every year, 0.7 percent are reportedly infected with HIV/AIDS and 4 percent with Hepatitis C, head of the National Center for Blood Services Afaf Ahmed told Youm7 Friday.

Ahmed said that the Ministry of Health is always notified with the number of infected people.

She added that the ministry will “digitalize” 27 regional blood donation centers in Cairo and governorates.

A total of 500 HIV-positive cases are reported in Egypt annually, according to a report by the Egyptian Ministry of Health published by Youm7 in November. The first case reported to have contracted the disease was in mid-1980s, since then, a total of 1,500 out of 5864 HIV-positive cases have been fatal, the report noted, the positive cases represent 82 percent among men and 18 percent among women.

The disease prevalence rate is very low and registered 0.02 percent in 2014, according to the report.

While for Hep C infection, Egypt is one of the countries with high rates, prompting the country to pursue new regimen of imported medicines at reduced prices, after the cures proven a breakthrough in treating the virus.

Importing U.S.-made Sovaldi, which has been in full swing since 2014, was recently halted, and replaced with locally-manufactured drug. The government hopes to cure some 500,000 patients during 2016 using domestically produced regimens.

The government has reduced the price of the Hep C cures several times to meet the patients’ needs.

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