12 officials in Red Sea governorate face corruption charges
Judge Mohamed Samir

CAIRO: Twelve officials in Red Sea governorate face charges with corruption and misusing their power, Youm7 reported Saturday.

According to the investigations, 12 officials from Red Sea municipality –including four former officials- were charged with distributing a total of 46 plots of land and housing units in Safaga town to Mubarak-era parliamentarians’ wives and children ; these plots of lands have been originally allocated to the local residents of the governorate.

Governor Ahmed Abdullah has decided to annul the contracts illegally signed between the municipal office and the parliamentarians’ relatives, the investigation report said.

Over the past few months, several corruption cases have been reported. In October, former Minister of Agriculture Salah Helal along with top officials in the ministry were charged with corruption “embezzlement and facilitating the seizure of public funds.”

Head of the Central Auditing Organization Hesham Genena has stated that corruption has led to the loss of 600 billion EGP($75 billion) in 2015. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi formed a fact-finding committee to probe Genena’s remarks; however, the committee affirmed that the CAO chief’s remarks “inaccurate.”

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