2 killed in car crash on Aswan desert road

CAIRO: Two persons were killed and five were injured after two cars crashed Monday on the Western Desert road in Upper Egypt’s city of Aswan, Youm7 reported.

Seven ambulance vehicles transferred the injured to Aswan University hospital, and carried the two dead bodies to the Aswan General Morgue.


Aswan residents have repeatedly complained about the high deaths rate on the Western Desert road, demanding authorities to send technical committees to improve the road’s efficiency.

On Sunday night, a tourist bus carrying 40 passengers caught on fire near the Red Sea resort of Hurghada while driving its way from Suez to Aswan.

The bus was burnt completely, but sanitation workers near the scene rescued the passengers and evacuated them all from the bus.


Road accidents happen almost daily in Egypt.  According to official records, thousands lose their lives annually on the road due to crashes, which experts blame them on lack of safety measures and maintenance of the roads, while authorities cite “human error” as the main reason behind the fatal accidents.


According to a report issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in April 2015, an average of 17 people died per day in road accidents in Egypt in 2014.

Egypt is one of 10 states that are enrolled in a United Nations program that aims to halve the number of road deaths by 2020.

The country has embarked on campaigns to monitor safety measures by building new roads and fixing old ones, applying drug-tests for drivers and checking on licenses.






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