42 Eritreans arrested over illegal entry in Aswan
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: A total of 42 Eritreans were arrested Monday in Aswan city, South of Egypt, after illegaly entering Egypt through desert routes, Youm7 reported.

Nasr el-Nuba investigative department has questioned them and they reportedly said they were planning to head to Israel.

Egyptian authorities routinely announce foiled attempts of migrants, Egyptians and foreigners, to migrate illegally to Europe, but no certain numbers are available about how many are able to successfully slip under the radar.

A law that imposes imprisonment and fine for human trafficking and illegal immigration was approved by the Cabinet in November.

The military previously announced 449 unregistered migrants were arrested in December, citing a decline from previous months. In November, 610 people were arrested in illegal immigrations attempts, while 3,576 and 2,215 were arrested in October and September, respectively.

The majority of the migrants were arrested in Egypt’s Western Desert. Thousands of arrests have been madeat the Sallum border, where migrants attempted to infiltrate Libyan territories despite warnings of security unrest in the oil-rich state.

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