Gasoline spill contained in Nile River north of Aswan
Gasoline spill River Nile

CAIRO:  A gasoline spill that leaked into the Nile River north of Upper Egypt’s governorate of Aswan has been contained Tuesday, Youm7 reported.

The spill, which occurred while filling a Nile cruise with gasoline at Aswan’s touristic city of Efu, was of 300-meter circumference. Police and local authorities in Aswan were able to stop it from spreading before they “evaporated” the spill an hour after the leak, governor of Edfu city Sabry Mahmoud told Youm7 Tuesday.

Nile cruises sailing between Luxor and Aswan usually dock in Edfu for a few hours to allow tourists visit the city’s Grecko-Roman temple dedicated to the God Horus.

Samples of water have been taken from areas near the spill and analyzed to ensure it is potable, said Mahmoud.



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