66k feddans of farmland encroached since 2011 upheaval
Illegal construction on farmland - Youm7 archive

CAIRO: More than 1.4 million cases of encroachments have taken place upon 66,000 feddans of farmlands since the January 2011 upheaval, the head of the Central Department to protect farmlands Sayed Attiyah told Youm7 Wednesday.

Attiyah was quoting the last report released by the department, which cited the number of removed violations during the said period as reaching 287, 194 cases, with 16, 274 feddans across the country.

Encroachments on farmland include bulldozing, construction, and silos, which threaten the shrinking arable land in the country.

In his statements, Attiyah called on officials at the ministries of electricity, interior, local development and water companies to cooperate to curb the expansion on fertilized lands, by not helping violators through providing them with services.

He noted that the removal efforts of violations have increased by 20 percent after a Presidency bulletin was distributed among agricultural directorates urging coordination with concerned ministries to end the practice.

Attiyah further said that it is necessary to prosecute such violations once they are committed by filing police reports and removing them instantly.

Additional reporting by Ezz el-Nouby

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