Bryan Adams’ guitar tagged by Cairo Airport customs with paint pen
An image of Bryan Adam's guitar as received from Cairo Airport customs- image courtesy of Byran Adams Facebook page

CAIRO: A 1957 Martin D-18 guitar belonging to Bryan Adams worth approximately $10,000, was marked in a green paint pen by customs officials at the Cairo International Airport when the singer entered the country days ago.

The singer posted a photo of his guitar on his official Facebook page early Friday morning.

“It wasn’t just my guitar, it was all of our equipment,” Adams told The Cairo Post via Facebook, but he added that the ink has since come off, and the guitar can be restored.

This is not the first time he has had a problem in an airport while travelling, he said, adding that once in Canada someone broke into his guitar and defaced it.

It’s an “occupational hazard,” he said, adding however, that this was the first time to deal with officials having written on his guitar.

Adams’ Facebook post has gone viral among Egyptians, with many expressing their apologies to the Canadian singer.

“It’s very kind of them but not to worry, I <3 Egypt,” Adams said, adding that this trip was his fourth to the country.

“It’s magical and I will return. But perhaps without the paint marker, please!”

Adams added that he hopes a music promoter would come forward to do a “proper show for the people.”

“So many young people, they need a big festival of music…We’ve done them in Turkey and India , why not Egypt, too?”


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