EP’s resolution built on ‘unsubstantiated accusations’: Egypt foreign ministry
European parliament - Photo courtesy of worldbulletin

CAIRO: The European Parliament (EP) has treated “unsubstantiated accusations” and media reports as hard evidence and facts, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry said in a Friday statement regretting the EP’s resolution calling for the suspension of security cooperation with Egypt.

The non-binding resolution is “unfair and runs contrary” to the situation in Egypt, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abou Zeid said, adding that the involvement of the murder of Italian student Giuilio Regeni a resolution on human rights in Egypt  holds “unacceptable overtones.”

The resolution also prejudges the ongoing investigations running in full coordination with the Italian authorities, the statement said.

Abou Zeid said the “vast majority” of forced disappearances allegations have been found to be related to lawsuits.

He added he hoped the resolution would have been “more balanced” if it had included ensuring strategic relations between Egypt and the European Union, supporting counterterrorism efforts and economic partnership.

European Ambassador to Cairo James Moran told Egyptian reporters Tuesday the EP is free to discuss Regeni’s case as the Egyptian parliament is free to discuss any matter, describing the murder as “confusing.”

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