Facebook admin sentenced to 3 years in jail for “insulting Egyptian women”
Taimour el-Sobky

CAIRO: Taimour el-Sobky, an administrator for “diary of a persecuted husband,” Facebook page was sentenced to three years in jail on Saturday for “insulting Egyptian women,” Youm7 reported.

The 6 October Misdemeanor Court also fined the convict 200 EGP ($25.) Sobky is set to have his conviction reviewed by the Court of Appeal in 6 October City on March 30.

In Feb, Egypt Attorney General ordered the detention of Sobky over charges including slander and libel, spreading false news, and harming national interest, according to Youm7.


 In his facebook account, Sobky posted that “30 percent of Egyptian wives would have an affair if found the opportunity,” and that “the majority of wives whose husbands work abroad cheat on them.”

He claimed that many of such women live in Upper Egypt, a traditionally conservative area, and called the said affairs a “phenomenon” that makes him distrust women.

Sobky told the prosecution he based his information on messages he receives on his Facebook page, and also that he “has received death threats since he made his comments on T.V.”


During investigations carried out with him upon arrest, he said “I did not mean” to insult Egyptian women and that he was misunderstood. He had apologized on his Facebook page after a wave of fury over his comments.

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