Egypt Brotherhood leader not dead in jail cell, says source

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie is not dead, a security source said in response to allegations published on a Brotherhood-affiliated website that Badie died in his jail cell.

Badie, arrested two weeks ago, is treated well in prison, said the source, adding that all Brotherhood prisoners are healthy and receive the best treatment. He was apprehended in an apartment near Rabaa al-Adaweya Mosque, where supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi were holding a sit-in.

Badie faces various charges including incitation for killing protesters in front of the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Moqattam, Cairo.

The Cairo Court of Appeals scheduled Badie’s first trial session for August 25. Other defendants will include Khairat al-Shater, Mohamed Rashad Bayoumy, Mostafa Abdul Azim Al-Beshlawee, Mohamed Azim Al-Beshlawee and Atef Abdul Jalil al-Semaree.

Badie was elected leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on January 16, 2010, succeeding former leader Mahdy Akef. Badie is the eighth leader of the Brotherhood in Egypt and a member of the Guidance Office of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He is also a pathology professor at Beni Suef Veterinary Medicine college and he has been a member of the Brotherhood’s guidance office in Egypt since 1993.

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