Toddler tried for crime that took place before his birth

CAIRO: A 10-month-old boy is listed among defendants to stand trial March 30 over charges of polluting the Nile River in 2015, months before he was even born.

The boy’s father Abdel Rahman,  56, discovered his youngest son Mohamed’s name was listed among others for violating water standards and throwing garbage near the river in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Sohag.

“He is only 10 months old, how could he pollute in the river?” said the father, whose name was also listed among the to-be-fined violators.

Abdel Rahman, whose monthly salary does not exceed $38 complained about the high fine he should pay (4000 EGP) or be imprisoned, in statements to Mehwar TV channel Saturday.

The father denied the charges, saying that they do not own a house on the Nile.

The year-old misdemeanor suit was filed two months before Mohamed was born, said Spokesperson for Irrigation Ministry Khaled Waseef, who revealed that the baby’s name was mistaken with his older brother’s Kareem, 20, whose nickname at that time was also “Mohamed.”

Waseef noted that the mistake was made by a government employee who did not verify the names, adding that the prosecution was notified to fix the mistake.

The spokesperson said that the law should be applied as a nation-wide campaign to “Save the Nile” is taking place to protect the main water resource in the country.

Another recent record keeping fumble led to a toddler sentenced to life in prison for having set fire to a security facility;  the mistake has stirred public anger last month, causing accusations of incompetence of among prosecution offices.

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