30 Egyptians deported from Saudi, 3 wanted to serve jail sentences
Egypt air - YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 30 Egyptians were deported from Saudi Arabia for violating residency and labor laws, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The Egyptian authorities inspected the deportees and transferred three of them to the police as they were discovered to be wanted to serve judicial sentences.

The deportees arrived in two flights from Jeddah and Riyadh; they told the Egyptian authorities they had illegally stayed in the Kingdom, according to Youm7.

Saudi Arabia has deported hundreds of Egyptians in the past year for overstaying their visas, arriving to the Kingdom illegally, or working without a permit.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly warned citizens not to overstay their visas in Saudi Arabia or return to the kingdom illegally after deportation.

Saudi sponsors sometimes refuse to return passports to workers in cases of disputes; hence, some Egyptian workers stop working with the sponsor and work elsewhere without a permit. When deported, the Egyptian diplomatic missions in the Kingdom issue travel documents for them.

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