$20M in Kuwaiti aid to Egypt for better education for Syrian refugees

CAIRO: A grant of $20 million from the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development to better education services for Syrian refugees in Egypt was approved by the Cabinet Thursday.

The grant will be used in building educational facilities to guarantee that Syrian students will not drop out from schools. Just outside Cairo, 6 October City is one of the areas where many Syrians are concentrated; they have built educational centers in the city as the affordable government schools are dense and children are sometimes unable to follow the Egyptian accent.

A total of 118,512 Syrian refugees are registered in Egypt; the total number of refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless people amount to 250,600, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNCHR.)

The number of refugees in Egypt, both registered and unregistered may reach three million, according to the Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights.

Refugees do not live in camps in Egypt; hence they are cannot be found in one place to be provided with assistance.

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