Camels quarantined at Egypt-Sudan borders over Corona Virus infection
Camels prepared for sale at Cairo's Camel Market. Youm7.

CAIRO: A total of 14 camels were quarantined at the Egypt-Sudan border city of Abu Simbel after they tested positive for the Middle East respiratory syndrome corona virus (MERS-CoV,) state news agency MENA reported Friday.

The quarantined camels, examined by officials at the Abu Simbel veterinary quarantine center, were among a caravan of 4,651 camels Egypt has imported from the neighboring country. The rest of the camels were permitted to enter the country after testing negative, Head of Aswan Veterinarians’ Syndicate Ahmed Abdel Karim told MENA.

Sudan is an important cattle exporter for Egypt; hence former Agriculture Minister Salah Helal announced in Sep. 2015 the ministry’s plan to establish a veterinary quarantine center at the Qustul-Ashket crossing between Egypt and Sudan to facilitate cattle trade.

The source of the MERS-CoV is not yet fully clear. According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus very similar to the one found in humans has been isolated from camels in Egypt, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Dromedary camels are a likely source of infection in humans.

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