Maps for 1.5M feddan reclamation project underway: Survey Authority
A piece of arable land (YOUM7/ Archive)

CAIRO: Maps for the 1.5 million feddan reclamation project are being prepared, as only 500,000 feddans have benergy charted, head of the Survey Authority Medhat Kamal stated Friday.

The first phase of the project includes 500,000 feddans; all are planned be irrigated by underground water, mostly in the Western Desert.

A total of 30,000 feddans will be reclaimed in Old Farafra, 20,000 in New Farafra, 20,000 feddans just outside Dakhla Oasis. In Magharra near Matrouh, 135,000 are included in the reclamation project, as well as 3,500 feddans in al-Amal Village, yet with regular irrigation.

In Toshka, south of Egypt, 168,000 feddans will be reclaimed, 143,000 of which by regular irrigation and 25,000 by wells. In Gharb el-Marashda, 25,500 feddans will be watered by regular irrigation and 18,000 by underground water. In the desert west of Minya in Upper Egypt, 80,000 feddans will be irrigated from groundwater.

In the second phase of the project, 490,000 feddans will be irrigated by underground water; such as 120,000 feddans in other parts of Old Farafra, 20,000 in New Farafra, 30,000 feddans in Dakhla Oasis, 25,000 feddans west of Kom Ombo in southern Egypt, 35,000 feddans in al-Magharra near Matrouh, 140,000 feddans west of Minya in Upper Egypt.

Near Greater Cairo, southeast of the Giza Depression, 90,000 will be reclaimed as well as 30,000 feddans in Siwa Oasis near the Libyan borders.

The Third phase includes 510,000 feddans; 40,000 feddans in Old Farafra, 50,000 southeast of the Depression in Matrouh, 250,000 feddans west of Minya, and another 150,000 feddans also west of Minya in Upper Egypt.

Finally, 20,000 feddans in Tour, South Sinai, are included in the third phase.

In April, the lands will be put out to Egyptian and foreign investors, as well as young Egyptian investors and farmers. The project is hoped to be a historical transition from the Nile Valley into the desert, as outlined in President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s electoral campaign.

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