Egypt deports 19 Sudanese citizens over ‘illegal immigration’
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Nineteen unregistered Sudanese immigrants were deported from Cairo International Airport Saturday, an official from the airport told Youm7.

The deportees were arrested before illegally entering into the Libyan territories via the Sallum border crossing between Egypt and Libya, said the official.

The deportation was coordinated with the Sudanese embassy in Cairo, he added.

Hundreds of African migrants, especially from Sudan, have been arrested in recent months in Egypt over illegal immigration attempts.

On Jan. 19, a total of 45 migrants from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali were deported home over alleged attempts to illegally enter Israel and Libya via Egypt. Meanwhile, 11 Sudanese were deported back home over illegal residency and immigration.

In spite of Libya’s deteriorated security status and political turmoil, hundreds of asylum and work seekers from different nationalities, including Egyptians, tried to infiltrate into the Libya territories via Egyptian western borders.

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