Sisi honors mothers with 50K EGP or Hajj
Sisi honors Egyptian mothers

CAIRO: Egyptian mothers who were deemed worthy of the title “ideal mother” were honored Saturday, ahead of Mothers’ Day by President Sisi, and given either 50,000 EGP ($5,630) or sponsorship to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

Categories included “Best Surrogate Mother” and “Perfect Mother for Special Needs,” as well as “Ideal Mother of the Armed Forces.” The ceremony was attended by Minister of Solidarity Ghada Wali.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Egypt on March 21, and this is the second year Sisi has presided over the granting of the awards.

Last year a woman from Aswan gathered significant media attention, as she had chosen to dress in men’s clothing after being widowed, in order to work as a man and provide for her daughter. Sisa Abu Soah, who was honored in the category of “Women Breadwinners,” has spend the last 40 years of her life working on the streets of Luxor as a showshiner, and still provides for her now-married daughter and grandchild.


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