EU funded Consumer Protection Agency website is launched
Resigned Minister of supply Khaled Hanafy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The new Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) Website, funded by the European Union, was launched on Sunday during the World Consumer Rights’ Day celebrations in Cairo.  The event was addressed by Ambassador James Moran, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, and Dr. Khaled Hanafi, Minister of Supply & Internal Trade among other dignitaries.

The new CPA website is designed to be user friendly as it introduces: more interactive website interface, integration of complaint handling system and related consumer tracking. It is powered by   software solutions for more efficient website management. With these new features, the CPA website will serve more effectively both as a tool for building consumer awareness as well as an interface for submission and processing of consumer complaints.

The European Union has a long-standing cooperation relation with the Consumer Protection Agency. Through the Support to the Association Agreement Programme (SAAP), the European Union funded a two year long twinning programme which supported the development of a stronger legislative framework for the protection of consumer rights. It also strengthened outreach capacity of the CPA through consumer protection oriented non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The twinning project provided for a peer-to-peer leaning opportunities for CPA staff who benefited from working along-side with German, French and Spanish consumer protection experts and practitioners from respective EU member state consumer protection entities.

The EU has continued to work with the CPA beyond the twinning project through the TAIEX instrument by supporting the participation of CPA senior staff members in international events and in study visits to experience the functioning of consumer protection activities in practice within the European Union. The European Union is proud to have also financed the revamping of the CPA website into a modern content based web portal.

The previous was a press release by the European Union, and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post.

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