New short story collection examines contradictions in Egyptian society

Story story collection “The Smell of Shawaam,” written by Ismail Hamed and published by Edaa, will be released in bookstores within days.

“The Smell of Shawaam” is a collection of light short stories talking about love, passion, politics, and the Egyptian revolution. It addresses the nature of the human psyche, its changes, the subconscious, rebellion, and rejecting conventionalism.

The collection attempts to explain the many contradictions in Egyptian and Arab society in recent years, the idea of the Arab spring, revolutions across the Arab world, and the transformation going on in the Middle East. The vocational side of the author – who is a surgeon – is also clear, with his many personal experiences with many of his patients and their relatives, who wrote some wonderful short stories at the end of his book.

Translated from Youm7.

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