Sisi meets with CEN-SAD defense ministers
Sisi speaks in the AU Peace and Seceuirty Council in Addis Ababa on Friday Jan. 29, 2015- photo from Egyptian Presidencial Office

CAIRO:President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will meet with Defense Ministers of Sahel Saharan States Community (CEN-SAD) Thursday evening in Sharm el Sheikh, al-Nahar T.V. reported.

Sisi participates in the four-day Conference of Defense Ministers of the CEN-SAD that tackles counter-terrorism efforts in the region and the whole Africa. The participants consider forming a counter-terrorism center affiliated with the CEN-SAD.

On Thursday, Sisi witnessed Thursday military naval exercises called “Maneuvers of Masts” in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, saying these maneuvers send a message that Egypt is a strong state that defends and not attacks, and able to protect its coastline and its territory and to maintain national security.” He also visited Friday Egypt’s northern military region, where restive North Sinai belongs.

Three days ago, joint Egyptian-UAE-U.S. “2016 Eagle’s Salute” military exercises have been performed off Monday in the Red Sea, according to a statement from Egypt’s Minister of Defense.

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