Army kills 60 “terrorists” in raids in North Sinai 
The Egyptian army in Sinai

CAIRO: The Egyptian Army have announced killing 60 “terrorists” and injuring 40 others in Friday raids in North Sinai, according to a public statement on the Army Spokesperson Mohamed Samir’s Facebook page.
The raids were executed in cooperation between anti-terrorism forces and air forces south of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwayed cities.

As many as 27 SUVs, two unlicensed motorbikes, two loaders, a driller, 32 weapons stores were destroyed as a result of the crackdown, said Samir.

The raids come in the frame work of a large extensive military operation called “Martyrs Right” that was launched in September 2015, and is still ongoing in the restive northern area of the peninsula.

The operation directed by the army, and in coordination with the National Police, aims to root out Sinai-based extremists and militants that have mounted a series of attacks that killed hundreds of soldiers since the 2013 ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

A recent wide-scale attack took place on March 19, where 18 policemen were killed after a group of militants attacked a security checkpoint in Arish with mortar shells. Like most attacks, the killing was claimed responsibility by the self-proclaimed Sinai Province via unverified social media accounts.

As part of the months-long fight, the army has routinely announced killing and arresting militants, besides, damaging hundreds of tunnels on the border with Gaza strip, used in smuggling goods, equipment and in persons.

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