Landmine explosion kills 4, injures 7 near Egypt’s Hurghada
Ambulance - YOUM7

CAIRO: At least five people were killed and seven others injured after a landmine exploded near Egypt’s Red Sea resort city of Hurghada Saturday, Youm7 reported.
The explosion took place Saturday early morning on the Safaga-Hurghada road in Egypt’s eastern desert, security source told Youm7.

According to media reports, those killed were transported to the morgue at the Safaga hospital while those who were injured are in critical condition and were escorted to Hurghada International Hospital.

Millions of landmines were planted by the Allied Forces during World War II in some parts of the western desert and others were planted in the eastern desert during wars between Egypt and Israel.

Out of a total of about 110 million landmines planted around the world, Egypt has 23 million; representing 20 percent  of the total number of landmines, according to the Egyptian State Information Service (SIS.)

Over the past 25 years, about 7,923 people were killed by landmines, including 3,200 dead and 4,723 injured, according to local and international statistics.

This story was amended to correct a historical error

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  1. Ahmed Kamel
    March 26, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    Was the writer absent minded when he wrote this article? Rommel was never near Hurghada or the Red Sea!!

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