Lawmaker calls for live broadcast of parliament program
Parliamentary voting session, Jan.18, 2016- YOUM7

CAIRO: Lawmaker Mohamed Anwar al Sadat has called for a live broadcast of the Sunday session of the House of Representative in which the government will present its program.

“We will request a vote on broadcasting the government’s policy statement in order to reassure people who have the right to be aware of the government program,” said Sadat in a phone call with CBC T.V. channel Saturday.

A ban was imposed on T.V. coverage of parliament sessions shortly after it held its first session in Jan. 10 to prevent grandstanding by some MPs, especially while the review process is underway.

After a limited Cabinet reshuffle that saw 10 new ministers Wednesday, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail is scheduled to deliver his government’s first policy statement before the House of Representatives Sunday.

According to the constitution passed in January 2014, the policy statement must be discussed by parliament within 30 days, after which MPs will vote for or withhold confidence in the government.

“The government’s program will most likely gain the confidence of at least 80 percent of the lawmakers,” said Sadat.

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