Lawmaker Haitham al Hariry acquitted of disturbing the peace
Parliamentarian Haitham al Hariry

CAIRO: Parliamentarian Haitham al Hariry was acquitted Saturday of disturbing public peace and protesting during clashes erupted in June 2013, Al Watan news reported.

Last year, Hariry was handed a three-year jail term in absentia before he was granted a retrial shortly after running for parliament.

He faced numerous charges, including taking part in a protest that supported members of Tamarod movement during their clashes with pro-Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria following the ouster of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in June 2013.

Parliamentarian Haitham al Hariry

Parliamentarian Haitham al Hariry

In late February, the parliament approved lifting the parliamentary immunity on Hariry so that he could appear before the court in the case.

During the parliament elections carried out in 2015, Hariry, son of the late Tagammu MP Abu el Ezz Al Hariry, won more than 24,000 votes in Alexandria’s densely populated constituency of Moharrem Bey and Ghorbal.

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