Al-Nour rejects system for upcoming parliamentary polls

The Salafist Al-Nour Party is attempting to persuade the 50-member constitutional committee tasked with amending the constitution to change the system for upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sources said party leaders will meet with the committee to inform them of Al-Nour’s rejection of some amended articles, especially regarding Egyptian identity.

“We will contact the committee to show the vision of the party regarding constitutional amendments, such as identity or political items such as election system,” a source told Youm7. It reflects that the party’s high commission is thinking about the party continuing or seceding from the committee, he said, adding that there are strong indications that the party will remain a part of the committee.

Dr. Shaban Abdel Aleem, a member of Al-Nour’s presidency committee, said the party objects to an individual election system; however, it helps the party’s interest as the party has a lot of supporters in a majority of areas.

Al-Nour thinks running parliamentary elections via party lists is better than direct election of individuals, as this system supports those with more money, said Abdel Aleem. He added that Al-Nour does not want to overpower elections, but does want to participate in them.

Since the Salafist trend was established 40 years ago, it has played an important role in opposing an exploitative system, according to Dr. Ahmed Shoukry, a Nour party leader. He said the situation in Egypt was clear when someone tried to divide the Egyptian people into Muslims and Christians on June 30.

“The committee cancelled some items related to the Egyptian identity,” Shoukry told Youm7. “Whatever legislative or social reasons, some people in the 50-member committee we know will cancel these items. It is important that the committee members are chosen relative to the percentages of Egyptian society, as the majority of Egyptians want Islamic law.”

Dr. Yasser Borhamy  criticized the formation of the committee, saying, “as the Islamist streams were marginalized from the committee, eleven members representing leftist and Nasserists parties and those against applying Islamic law were chosen.”

Translated from Youm7.

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