Ship headed to Saudi to be fined to dumping straw over 30×50m in Suez Canal
Ship in Suez canal - (Archive)

CAIRO: A Togo-flagged Vessel Pacific M arriving from Romania was intercepted Sunday at the Suez Canal in Port Said for throwing straw in the waterway, Youm7 reported.

The ship, carrying livestock and heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, left straw in a range of 30×50 meters on the canal, as reported by the Ports Authority of Port Said to the Environment Ministry.

The ministry has coordinated with the Suez Canal Authority to lift the straw and cleanse the water surface, Youm7 reported head of the central administration for crises at the Environment Ministry Kaouthar Hefny as saying.

The ministry also requested the Ports Authority of Port Said to intercept the ship for violating the environment laws and to go through legal procedures; the value of the damage is being evaluated to be paid to the government.

In 2014, a cruise ship was fined 500,000 EGP ($69,950) by the Environment Ministry Sunday for dumping sewage in the Red Sea after it anchored at the port of Safaga in the Red Sea governorate; it carried the Italian flag and was heading for Cyprus.

In 2013, a Qatari ship was fined $5,000 for dumping waste in the Bitter Lakes at the Suez Canal; it had come from Germany and headed to United Arab Emirates.

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