LIVE UPDATES: EgyptAir plane hijacker arrested, all hostages freed
EgyptAir plane

CAIRO:  Tuesday morning an EgyptAir shuttle plane scheduled to travel from Alexandria to Cairo was hijacked by a man reportedly wearing an explosive belt, who forced the pilot to travel to Cyprus.

Cypriot T.V. has reported the hijacker allowed women and children from among the 55 passengers to leave the aircraft, according to Al Arabiya T.V.

Thirty Egyptians, 10 Americans and eight British were among the 55 passengers onboard, Cairo airport sources told Youm7.

Here are the live updates:

14:05: All passengers of Egypt’s MS181 safe: #Cyprus government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides

13:55: All #MS181 hostages released, hijacker arrested: EgyptAir

13:53: Hijacker of Egypt’s MS181 arrested: #Cyprus government spokesperson Nikos Christodoulides

13:46: Cyprus forces seen escorting unidentified men near Egypt’s hijacked plane MS181

13:39: Cyprus forces raid Egypt’s hijacked plane MS181: Al-Arabiya

13:35: Egypt on getting Cyprus permits to fly Cairo Airport plane to Larnaca Airport, return Egyptians released from hijacked plane: EgyptAir

13:10: EgyptAir: the concerned departments are working to issue landing authorization for an aircraft to depart from Cairo Airport to Larnaca

13:00: Plane headed for New York takes off from Cairo Airport: Youm7

12:57: Egypt’s General Prosecution teams heads to Borg al-Arab Airport to investigate the incident.

[12:40: In a letter the man behind Tuesday’s hijacking of an EgyptAir airliner is demanding that several female prisoners in Egypt be released, local broadcaster RIK reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

12:30: Cyprus foreign ministry names hijacker as Seif Eldin Mustafa

[12:12: Reuters reporting the hijacker is demanding the release of prisoners in Egypt, no details yet available

12:10: Egyptian presidential spox tells CNN EgyptAir Flight 181 hijacker is Seif El Din Mustafa, an Egyptian national

12:05: An Egyptian woman has said she is the wife of Ibrahim Samaha — the name given earlier by Egyptian officials as the hijacker. She says her husband, with the same name, is not the hijacker and that he was on his way to Cairo en route to the United States to attend a conference.

11:50: Dr. Ibrahim Samaha tells BBC Arabic he is a passenger, not a hijacker

11:35: I will not say name of the hijacker until it is verified and is the suitable time to announce it: Minister

11:31: We are not sure if what he has is a threat to the aircraft, but we are treating it as a threat” Minister [

11:30: We cannot determine when the negotiations with hijacker will end, we now focusing on the safety of the passengers and crew : Minister

[11:30: Egypt is sending a plane to Cyprus to return the passengers to Cairo: Reuters

11:25: Seven people are on the plane: 3 passengers, captain, co-pilot, security officer and  air hostess: Minister

11:10: News conference by Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy expected momentarily

11:00: Ibrahim Samaha was listed on a flight heading to New York City from Cairo: Ahram reporter to CBC

10:25:  Cypriot TV says no bombs found on board, according to Youm7

10:00: Reuters reports that Samaha may be trying to get the attention of his ex-wife, who may be a Cypriot. Witnesses at the airport told Reuters he threw a letter writtten in Arabic on the tarmac written in Arabic, asking it be given to his ex-wife.

9:55: Alleged hijacker Ibrahim Samaha has requested asylum

09:50: Samaha requested the plane be flown to Turkey, but the pilot said there was not enough fuel: State TV

09:50: State TV reports it has identified Ibrahim Samaha as a hijacker of EgyptAir flight 181

09:43: President Abdel Fatah al Sisi called his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades to follow up on the latest development.

9:30: Negotiations result in release of all passengers aboard hijacked plane except for 5 foreigners and the crew members, according to EgyptAir.

8:00: MS181; an Airbus with 55 passengers and five crew members went missing 30 minutes after it departed Borg Al Arab International Airport, The Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry said in a statement.



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