Immigration Min. in Sudan to negotiate Egyptians’s arrest over leaking exams
Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram - YOUM7

CAIRO: Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram landed Tuesday in Khartoum, Sudan to follow updates of the arrest of Egyptians over leaking high school exams, state-run news agency MENA reported.

A total of 32 Egyptians, including 26 students and some parents, were arrested a week ago over the alleged accusations, diplomatic sources at Egyptian embassy in Khartoum told Youm7.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zaid told The Cairo Post Monday that the arrest of the Egyptians followed the detention of students from other nationalities, who were accused of buying the exams.

Updates of the embassy meetings with the students’ relatives have not been disclosed.

Makram is planned to meet with Sudanese officials to discuss current investigations carried out with the Egyptians, and possible ways to release them, MENA quoted Osama Shaltout.

Some relatives of the students have reported they have been unable to contact their children since their arrest a week ago, Mohamed Helmy, the uncle of one of the detained students, told The Cairo Post Monday, adding that the number of the students arrested is 55.

Helmy said that his nephew was taken from outside the school, while some others were taken from homes; he denied the accusations as “illogical.”

At least 22 of the detained students come from Kafr el-Sheikh governorate. Over the past years, hundreds of students, originally from the governorate, have sought to obtain their high school degree from Sudan, due to beliefs they could get higher scores that would enable them to enroll at top faculties.

However, the practice has been identified by the Ministry of Higher Education, which promised to control this violation after discovering that many of those with Sudanese high school degrees applying for university, had already received a degree from Egypt.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi

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