Video: Egyptian plane hijacker searched at Burj al-Arab Airport before takeoff
A man thought to be the hijacker leaves the hijacked Egyptair Airbus A320 at Larnaca Airport in Larnaca, Cyprus - REUTERS

CAIRO: Youm7 published Monday a video of a search of alleged plane hijacker Seif al-Din Mostafa p, and an X-ray picture of his luggage taken at the airport, showing he had pens, a mobile phone and a charger.


A scan of the hijacker's bag at Burj al-Arab Airport in Alexandria - Youm7

A scan of the hijacker’s bag at Burj al-Arab Airport in Alexandria – Youm7


In the video, Mostafa appears being searched in a black coat in Burj al-Arab Airport in Alexandria, and his bag goes through the X-ray tray. The plane was headed for Cairo.

The belt Mostafa wore and threatened cobtained an explosive was fake, the Cypriot authorities announced.

The police raided the plane in Larnaca airport and the remaining hostages were freed unharmed.

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said Mostafa’s motives are still “unclear,” while the Egyptian police said he is an ex con artist who was previously convicted of theft, forgery and fraud, Youm7 reported.

After a Russian plane crashed over Sinai Oct. 31, Egyptian airports have undergone major security intensification. Control Risks was hired to enature that safety standards were top-notch.

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