EgyptAir plane hijacker had ‘no violent intentions’: flight attendant
An official boards a hijacked EgyptairA320 Airbus at Larnaca Airport

CAIRO: The hijacket of an EgyptAir Tuesday reassured the plane crew that he had no violent intentions, saying “I do not want losses of life. I have a cause,” a flight attendant said Wednesday.

Egyptian national Seif El din Mostafa, 58, forced the 55-passenger plane that was en route from Alexandria to Cairo to change its direction to Cyprus by claiming that he was wearing a belt rigged with explosives. However, after releasing all passengers and the crew, it was revealed that the belt was fake.

“The plane hijacker was responsive to everything I was telling him in the plane…he wanted to go whether Laranca, Turkey, or Athens,” flight attendant Yasmine Sobol told Sky News Arabia channel.

She added that the hijacker kept sitting away from the passengers, so the situation was stable for a longtime in the plane. Sobol continued that the hijacker collected all passengers’ passports, saying “he firstly negotiated the disembarking of the children.”

“I have an envelope for the European Union…I need anyone from the EU to come for me in the plane,” Sobol continued, added that she has browsed it quickly and found that it included the names of 63 women whose release he was requesting.

Mostafa has been investigated by Cypriot authorities and Larnaca District Court on Wednesday approved a prosecution request to extend his detention for 8 days pending investigation.

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