2 alleged murderers of police killed in shootout 
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CAIRO: Two alleged convicts were killed in a shootout with the police Wednesday in a criminal hotspot in Qalyubia, according to a police statement.

The two men were also allegedly implicated in murdering four policemen in late February in Khanka town of Qalyubia on the outskirts of Cairo.

Ahmed G., 19, had been sentenced to life in prison in absentia and to other terms in three cases involving drug dealing, forcibly resisting the police, and owning unlicensed weapons, according to the police statement.

Two machine guns and ammunition were found next to their bodies inside the apartment in which they were hiding.

Earlier this week, an alleged drug dealer, known as el-Doksh, was arrested alive in Qalyubia over the murder of policemen, and he is also a convict in many crimes.

Areas in Qalyubia such as Khanka, Gaafra, and the Golden Triangle have been reported as crime hotspots recently.

On March 16, another alleged criminal was killed in Qalyubia over murdering Lieutenant Colonel Mistafa Lotfy March 3 in a separate attack on the police.

Since the police killings, Qalyubia security directorate has vowed to take down criminal activity on those dangerous areas. Some of the slain convicts and wanted criminals had escaped from prison during the Jan. 25 Revolution in 2011.

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